Integrated Search Functionality

August 16, 2019 | Our Product

One big advantage of an integrated agricultural show management system, is that you get a complete picture of ALL your show activity in one place.   ShowBiz has always done this, and now does it even better with three new, innovative features …

SHOWBIZ SEARCHENGINE.     New ShowBiz SearchEngine trawls through all your entry, tradestand, membership, ticket and sponsorship data to provide detailed, powerful search results in seconds.  And by right-clicking on any result, you can start a range of workflows in one easy step.

SHOWBIZ SPOTLIGHT.   New ShowBiz SpotLight allows you to instantly display all show activity for a single contact, from any part of your system and on any device.  It’s vital for ensuring your customers get consistent, professional service no matter who they contact at your show.

SHOWBIZ SATNAV.   New ShowBiz SatNav adds simple scorecard features to your dashboard to enable you to look forward and plan how successful you want your show be.  ShowBiz then helps you get there, by reporting actual progress in real time using enhanced dashboard widgets.