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Keep In Touch With Your Contacts
  • Keep In Touch With Your Contacts

  • ShowBiz allows you to easily manage all your contacts, quickly perform mail merges and send bulk emails to your chosen groups. Not only can you track all of your correspondence with a particular contact, you can now do it from your tablet on the middle of the showground thanks to ShowBiz's all-new web-based system.

Taking Membership Relations To a New Level
  • Taking Membership Relations To a New Level

  • Your members are some of your most valued customers, and ShowBiz makes both of your lives simpler. They can easily review and renew their membership online, helping you keep their information up to date. You can quickly send personalised mail or an email from your own templates to member groups you have created. It's easy to stay in touch and maintain a close relationship.

Never Have To Enter Information Twice
  • Never Have To Enter Information Twice

  • Save time and avoid mistakes by posting financial transactions directly into your accounts package from ShowBiz. All-new ShowBiz integrates beautifully with the leading accounting software systems and takes away the headache of variable entry prices and complex stand bookings. From generating invoices to managing direct debits, all-new ShowBiz helps you stay in control with detailed reports of deposits, payments and projected costs that you can view on any device at any time.

Make The Most Of Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Make The Most Of Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Show sponsorship provides you with valuable revenue. The all-new ShowBiz lets you take control of all these opportunities in one place, and market them effectively to potential sponsors in your Contacts. You can set targets and get detailed reports on sales progress with successes fed directly to your accounts software. The latest ShowBiz sales data is available on any device at any time, so you and your colleagues can make the most of every opportunity.

Exhibiting At Your Show Has Never Been Easier
  • Exhibiting At Your Show Has Never Been Easier

  • All-new ShowBiz makes marketing and booking trade stands easy for you and your exhibitors. Powerful templates let you quickly create a new show with previous exhibitors, and because ShowBiz integrates with your web site they can easily create, confirm or amend their stand booking online. Not only does ShowBiz offer detailed reports based on your criteria, it will also manage exhibitor catalogue entries ensuring your show guide is accurate and easy to produce.

Your Judges Will Give All-New ShowBiz First Prize
  • Your Judges Will Give All-New ShowBiz First Prize

  • Save time and reduce errors for you and your show competitors by recording entries online all-new ShowBiz. Manage housing requirements, generate judge books and create show guide listings easily from the latest data. All-new ShowBiz is web-based so judges and show staff can have all the information they need on their tablet, allowing competition results to be published to your website and social media within minutes.

Getting The Best From Your E-ticketing Investment
  • Getting The Best From Your E-ticketing Investment

  • Like many shows, you most-likely contract out your e-ticketing but struggle to use all that invaluable visitor data that you get back at the end of the show. ShowBiz Ticketing module will directly import visitor data from any e-ticketing provider. It will tell you if similar data exists already to avoid duplication, then let you sort, filter, profile, map, email and process it all in exactly the same way you manage all your other CRM data.

Detailed & Informative Dashboards
  • Detailed & Informative Dashboards

  • With only one or two events each year, it's vital that you get accurate and timely information on how your shows are progressing. ShowBiz software is built on dashboards that provide show information in real time. Tailor them to your exact needs, and as the library of dashboard objects evolves you'll be able to swap in charts, gauges and lists to get an ever-closer understanding of show activities.

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What Our Customers Say About Our Software

“I have been very impressed with the Strident support network. As a company they are always willing to listen to ideas and share best practice amongst the Shows that use the programme.”

  • Ollie Allen

  • Devon County Agricultural Association

“Our show was a massive success and a record year by far. We welcomed over 13000 visitors and ShowBiz worked brilliantly”

  • Hilary Lumsden

  • Fife Show
  • Show Organiser

“Showbiz makes show organising so much more timely and efficient!”

  • Ruth Trolove

  • East of England Agricultural Society
  • Agricultural Administrator