How much does it cost?

ShowBiz pricing is based on the number of visitors your show attracts each year.  We think this is simple, focused and fair.

For most shows, your annual price is just 10p per visitor.  To work out what ShowBiz will cost your show each year in pounds, just take your typical show visitor numbers and knock a nought off the end.  You can pay this annually after your main show, or spread the cost and pay monthly.

Prices can vary up or down depending on the specific needs of your show.  Price per visitor reduces significantly for bigger shows with over 50,000 annual visitors.

As part of our commitment to help run every show online, we hope to be able to offer ShowBiz free of charge to shows that attract less than 5,000 visitors a year.  There will be a small fee on any online transactions and slightly reduced service levels.  

 New shows often need help to import contacts, prize schedules, orders and other show data.  There will be a small charge for this service which will depend on individual needs.  All ShowBiz pricing is flexible to reflect the diversity in the agricultural show sector.  

All price are subject to VAT.  Call us for more pricing information or to discuss your show’s unique needs.

What Our Customers Say About Our Software

“I have been very impressed with the Strident support network. As a company they are always willing to listen to ideas and share best practice amongst the Shows that use the programme.”

  • Ollie Allen

  • Devon County Agricultural Association

“With the South Gloucestershire Show introducing a brand new Livestock area this year, Showbiz has been a great help with setting this up!  Especially when taking bookings online and creating the Schedule and Catalogue. Big thanks to all your Staff!”

  • Kelsey Duffill

  • South Gloucestershire Show

“Showbiz makes show organising so much more timely and efficient!”

  • Ruth Trolove

  • East of England Agricultural Society