How much does ShowBiz cost?

ShowBiz pricing is really simple and is based on the published attendance for your show.

Why?  Because by aggregating the number of visitors, exhibitors, standholders, members, sponsors, volunteers and officials gives an excellent (if sometimes optimistic) indication of overall show activity and therefore reflects the value that ShowBiz can deliver.

ShowBiz typically costs from just 10p per attendee.*  We want as many of your people as possible to use as much of ShowBiz as they can, so this provides software and support for all modules, for unlimited users.

To work out what ShowBiz will cost your show each year in pounds, just take your published attendance figure and take a nought off the end.  You can pay this annually after your main show, or spread the cost and pay monthly.

We also help set up your system, import contacts, create your prize schedule (a BIG job), design templates, integrate web pages, add previous show order history and masses of other one-off tasks to ensure you hit the ground running.  There is a one-off charge for this service which is usually the same as your first year’s annual software and support figure.

The only other cost is if you choose to use of our payment gateway rather than using your own.  There will be a small fee on online transactions only, typically less than 3%.  

 *  All prices are subject to VAT.  Sorry, we know many of you can’t claim this back.