New ‘Omnichannel’ Support

August 22, 2019 | Our Company

Asking customers to buy a show’s products online is all very well, but what happens if they get stuck?  In the past, responsibility for ShowBiz customer support lied with show users; with new ShowBiz, that responsibility can switch to the ShowBiz customer service team.

Why?  Well, several reasons.  We have decades of support experience, know our software best and can pinpoint and fix problems quickly – especially if they are local problems e.g. poor connection or forgotten password.  We’ve also built extensive online user guide and video resources that help explain ShowBiz and can share these with end-users too.

Now we’ve gone even further and are providing an online chat system to provide real-time help for show customers.  This is primarily aimed at end users who aren’t entitled to telephone support but show users can use this too if they want.  All users have a pop-up support widget that allows them to search for resources or start a chat with our customer service team.

Show customers can of course continue to contact shows directly for help if they want to.  But providing online support is often tricky for show organisers, especially smaller shows who rely on part-time volunteers with day jobs to be getting on with.

Another problem is that online users increasingly want to get their support through numerous channels.  Mobile phones are rarely used for speaking now (!) and are more likely to be used to request support through text, email or chat.  They might also get in touch via a show’s web site, Facebook page, Twitter account or WhatsApp group.


This is called ‘omnichannel support’ and is rapidly becoming the norm for any organisation selling and supporting online.   As all agricultural shows are eventually run online, providing quality support is vital to maintain a show’s reputation and ShowBiz Software helps ensure this happens every time.