Integrated E-Ticketing

March 4, 2019 | Our Product

eticketE-Ticketing allows you to design, sell and send tickets by email quickly and easily from your web site. Tickets can be validated automatically or manually for shows with weak internet connectivity.

Nothing new there, but because E-Ticketing integrates with all the CRM features in ShowBiz you can promote your show directly to avoid visitor duplication or contradictory Early Bird offers from third parties.

And because sales of entries, tradestands, memberships and sponsorships are all managed the same way in ShowBiz, you have a complete picture of your contacts. This means you not only provide them with the amazing customer service they now expect, but can cross-sell and up-sell to them too.

Fast Guest Purchase

E-Ticketing is now linked to a really fast ‘Guest’ purchase option that can be embedded in your web site rather than from a linked page. This applies to all ShowBiz widgets and we will shortly be working with Early Adopter web companies so you can see this in action.

Even better news is that a ShowBiz5 subscription includes all new features, unlimited users and unlimited events. ShowBiz not only administers your show, it transforms your ability to market and sell it too.