Updated User Interfaces

June 10, 2019 | Our Product

ShowBiz now meets the different needs of both show users and end users. 

Power for Show Users  

A top priority with new ShowBiz has been to meet the needs of our long-standing customers by replicating the core functionality of their existing software. 


This means that internal show users have a powerful, multi-module shopping basket process that allows them to manage potentially complex applications and purchases across all products, for all customers or companies, for all payment methods including credit accounts. 

The shopping basket model is currently being used by end users too, either linked from their web page or embedded in their web site.  

Simplicity for End Users 

We also provide a much quicker way of working for show visitors who want to buy tickets, entrants who want to enter multiple classes or standholders who want to enter multiple shows.


ShowBiz now provides one simple booking form that end users can rapidly apply for or buy individual items. They can then quickly check these out or add them to their basket for multiple purchases.  

Simple online forms will be ready for all five main modules in August.