Utterly focused and tightly integrated, only ShowBiz meets the unique needs of agricultural shows.

ShowBiz helps ALL the people involved in your show ...

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A glimpse of what ShowBiz can do for YOUR show …

Below are just a few of the benefits you can gain from running your show on ShowBiz …

Sell More
ShowBiz allows you sell online entries, online tradestands, online tickets, online memberships and online sponsorships.  Online directories, online results and social media integration help you recruit, reward and retain new exhibitors, standholders, visitors, members and sponsors.  And it’s all maintained and managed in your own integrated, powerful contact management system.

Save Time
ShowBiz provides numerous ways to help you and your users make the best use of your time.  Multiple processes run at the same time on multiple tabs; global search quickly finds things anywhere in the system, judges and officials can manage their commitments online.  Send emails, messages and letters to some or all of your contacts at the click of a button.

Engage Youth
Your customers increasingly want to buy everything on a mobile device.  By capturing your schedule, entries and every other show item digitally, ShowBiz is steadily creating the online catalogue your show needs to meet this need, survive and grow in the years ahead.

Reduce Mistakes
Automating processes, embedding checks, adding product rules and encouraging online entry all significantly reduce the scope for error.  Copying schedule and other show data from year to year not only saves vast amounts of time but reduces mistakes too.

Capture Wisdom
ShowBiz captures and copies many show processes to make your show less reliant on one person.  This is really useful in smaller shows sharing work among part-time employees and volunteers.  The ShowBiz tasks feature allows bigger shows to manage and share work among team members too.

Improve Cashflow
Increased online sales – especially e-tickets – helps your show get money in early, and irrespective of show weather later.   And because you have full shopping basket visibility, you can cross-sell, up-sell and encourage users to buy early with ‘early bird’ discounts too.

Enhance Visibility
A choice of dashboard widgets allows you to manage all your show activities any place, any time and on any device.  Sales profiles provide an instant visual indicator of contact importance.  Flexible grid views allow you to define exactly what you want to see in all the app managers.

Personalise Experience
Both show users and end users can tailor their own dashboard widgets to match their precise needs.  There are nearly twenty of these already.  Show users can build, save and share grid views to meet their unique reporting needs.

Build Brand
You can already configure ShowBiz to match your show web colours and styles and embed our software in your web site using iframes.  We’re now working with web providers to develop APIs to make ShowBiz invisible to end users.  It’s not about us; it’s about you and your show.

Reduce Risks
ShowBiz complies with relevant compliance standards such as GDPR.  Every user action is logged to ensure compliance.  Encouraging end users to enter online reduces mistakes (and disputes) over online entry and deadlines.

TEN powerful, integrated web apps for the price of ONE ...

  • Dashboards

  • Forget out-of-date, complex and paper-based reports. Our ShowBiz Dashboard App provides a real-time view on your critical show information via dashboards that you can choose yourself. Choose from over twenty ‘widgets’ to provide exactly the information you want to see.

  • Contacts

  • Our powerful Contacts App manages all the past, present and future people involved in your show. ShowBiz allows you to quickly find and work with contacts to progress their show orders and enquiries. Email to one or many with ease and export contacts to Excel for reports.

  • Schedule

  • Your prize schedule is at the heart of your show and our ShowBiz Schedule App allows you to create and configure it in just the way you want. It uses an intuitive Header, Section, Class structure to manage entries, then offers flexible numbering and formatting features to enable precise Catalogue production.

  • Entries

  • Save time, keep up to date and reduce paperwork by collecting your competition entries online. Just embed our app in your web site and exhibitors can submit and pay for entries directly. Our Entries App works with all the other apps to allow customers to purchase a ‘basket’ of show items.

  • Tradestands

  • Contact current and potential standholders quickly and manage their tradestands easily either directly or online. Use our ShowBiz Tradestand App to invite new standholders to apply for stands, pay deposits and enter text and images that automatically create their online tradestand entry.

  • Tickets

  • Our dedicated E-Ticketing App allows you to target and market to your visitors directly to maximise this valuable data. Allow your visitors to manage their details and buy tickets online too. If you use third parties, ShowBiz now directly imports your E-ticket data.

  • Sponsorships

  • Take complete control of your sponsor and donor opportunities. Our ShowBiz Sponsor App allows you to set sponsorship targets against schedule or other items, generate detailed reports on sales progress then invoice and post sponsor transactions directly to your accounts.

  • Memberships

  • Our ShowBiz Membership App manages your whole membership process to provide outstanding customer service. Save time and reduce paperwork by allowing members to manage their own details then purchase memberships and other items online using a mobile phone or other device.

  • Shop

  • Our powerful new Shopping Basket App helps process even the most complex of orders. Product rules ensure entries, stands, and other items are purchased exactly the way you want. And ShowBiz now integrates with all popular payment gateways to make it easy to deploy.

  • Finance

  • Stay in control of your finances with detailed reports of customer orders, invoices and receipts. The ShowBiz Finance App can be integrated with existing accounting software including Xero and Sage.