‘Next Gen’ Needs

February 12, 2019 | Our Product

Not only are powerful mobile devices everywhere but for your customers in their 20s and 30s, working online is expected. ShowBiz is designed from the outset to work online, allowing your customers to quickly enter and update their details on any device, anywhere.

These ‘digital natives’ are most happy working in an integrated online environment that allows them to work and communicate more easily. ShowBiz has powerful tools to help you build closer relationships with these customers, to better understand their needs and communicate with them in their preferred style.

Every ShowBiz module can be accessed online, allowing stand bookings or competition entries to be added, reviewed and edited at any time, encouraging greater participation.

You can push show information to all the major social media platforms as well as publish show results in real-time to your web site. This enables your information to be easily shared and promoted by your visitors, growing your show’s online presence.

Show visitors can also see the latest show guide online with up-to-date information in  mobile-friendly format that reduces your printing costs and is better for the environment.

Don’t lose your younger customers, engage with them online and help them to help you grow your show.