BUAS Tradestand Directory

August 9, 2019 | Our Market

Early adopter Border Union Agricultural Society has published Online Results and an Online Tradestand Directory for its 2019 show.  These use all the information captured in ShowBiz to provide a better service for all its customers.

The Online Results page is similar to earlier ShowBiz4 web modules but now has a powerful search field to allow rapid location of people, animals or any other piece of data.  Results can also be automatically pushed to social media with winner images and class sponsors if shows want too.  Schedule and entry details are taken from the online catalogue which is completely configurable because every show is different (and don’t we know it!).

The Online Tradestand Directory is generated automatically from tradestand applications and provides publicity before, during and after a show.  Tailoring output to match a show’s web site is currently limited to logo and base colours but a fully configurable API is on the development road-map.  We’re also working on linking it to showground maps to allow graphical location of stands during the show on mobile devices.

And because all the hard work’s now been done, running the BUAS 2020 show online simply means copying and tweaking the prize schedule, then copying this year’s exhibitor and standholder application forms into their shopping baskets and inviting them to purchase.   The whole process takes minutes, rather than days or weeks or months.